Beaujon Ultralights (Beaujon Aircraft)


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Ardmore, OK  73402-2121

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ultralight plans advertisement

The above ultralights were designed, built and flown during a period ranging from 1975 to 1985.  
These professionally drawn plans are complete with list of materials that can be ordered from    
suppliers listed in the packet.  Emphasis was placed on simplicity and low cost, thus allowing  
inexperienced amateurs a chance to build and fly their own ultralight.  The included             
manual "How To Build Ultralights" has been widely used in the ultralight industry and some       
some colleges as a source of simplified information needed for the design and construction       
of ultralights.                                                                                  
To order, simply send $40 check or money order to:                                               
Beaujon Ultralights                                                                              
P.O. Box 2121                                                                                    
Ardmore, OK 73402                                                                                
Click Here for Free Complete Set of Plans for the BJ Enduro (an earlier but interesting design) !!!
These plans provide an example of the characteristics and quality of the plans and book          
advertised above.                                                                                

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